History of the Library

  BLCU library was founded in 1962 under the name 0f Library of Higher Preparatory School for Foreign Students. It was officially named as Library of Beijing Language Institute in 1965, with the evoke of Beijing Language Institute, the library closed. In 1972 the Institute reinstated, so did the library, the library began to depart from the Department of Teaching Affairs as an independent department directly led by the school principals in 1982. It was once more renamed as Library of Beijing Language and Culture University in June 1996. In August 2002, its name was shortened as Library of Beijing Language University in Chinese as it remains the same name in Foreign languages. The present library building, with an area 9,870 square meters, was built in May 1992 and was put into use in September. The library united and the department of Audio-visual Teaching Center united as one administrative section in November 1994, six years later, the union of these two departments separated again in 2000. In January 2003, .two reference libraries separately from the College of Chinese Studies and College of Foreign Languages were affiliated to the library, and named of Departmental Library of Languages and in June 2004 the library united the reference library from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, named Departmental Library. Of Humanities.

  In early 1960s, the library obtained 30,000 items of books from Peking University, Beijing ForeignLanguage Iinstitute and Administration College. The collection held by the library amounted to 80,000 items in 1966, 120,000 items in 1974, 200,000 items in 1977, 270,000 items in 1980, 420,000 items in 1984, 510,000 items in 1993, 600,000 items in 1999, 620,000 items in 2001, 760,000 items in 2003(including bound editions of periodicals), and 780,000 items in 2004(including bound editions of periodicals).

  The main task of Beijing Language and Culture University is set at teaching the Chinese language and culture to students from aboard. Meanwhile it also undertakes the tasks of teaching Chinese students foreign languages and other relevant subjects of humanities and social sciences, training Chinese teachers and people of going abroad for foreign languages, Thus, the library collection policy is focused on resources related to linguistics, and Chinese culture as well. in 2000, BLCU founded the College of Information Science and the School of International Business. As a result, the library began to collect resources of the above two disciplines, and the main task of the library is to provide information services for language teachers and researchers.