Regulations for entering stack room

  1.Library card is requested to submit when entering the stack room, get a dummy with your card. 2 Users are not allowed to bring their own books, periodicals and bags into the stack room.

  3.Keep quite in the stack room, do not speak aloud.

  4.Keep the stack room clean, please do not throw litter or spit on the floor, don't bring food into the stack room.

  5.Users should follow the instruction of the librarians, and read books in the specified areas.

  6.When selecting books, users are expected to use the dummy correctly, do not misplace books here and there. After selecting the books they need, check out them once.

  7.Users from the society must show their valid identification and recommendation and pay the fee before they can access the library resources or copy materials.

  8.Users are not allowed to enter the stack room when the library has a power failure.