Regulations for Borrowing books

  1.The faculties, staffs, Chinese and international students of BLCU must apply a library card or a reading card before they can access the library resources.

  2.Users can only check out books at the circulation desk at the second floor. The stack room adopts the method of open access, Users can enter the stack room to find and read the books they need by replacing their library cards or reading cards with a dummy. They can also search the online catalog by using the computers in the circulation hall, then record the call number of the book and go to find it in the stack room.

  3.The library differentiate different types of users by the different colors of their library cards or reading cards which have an explanation on their backs. Generally speaking, the faculty and postgraduates of BLCU can borrow 10 copies of books , and keep them for two months. Staff, Chinese undergraduates and international students(The College of Chinese Studies) may borrow 5 copies of books and keep them for one month. Full time students of the Continuing Education College and students of the College of the Foreign Languages Predeparture Training Center may borrow 3 copies of books and keep them for one month. In addition, users who are holding a reading card can only read books and periodicals in the library, they can not borrow them.

  4.Library card and reading card can only be used by the owner, a borrowed or modified card will be Confiscated, and the user who uses such card will not be allowed to borrow books. About the replacement of the lost card, please refer to "library card application and management".

  5.If the above mentioned users would like to renew their books, they must come to the circulation desk to get a renewal before due date. They can keep the books renewed for an extra month. Each book can only be renewed once. If the book you want to renew has been required by another user, then you can not renew it.

  6.How to check out books. After they have passed the books and the dummy to the librarian at the circulation desk, users may go through monitor . Users wait outside the monitor to get the books. In order to remember the due date, users can stamp the date at the time limit list at the back of the book.