Reading regulations

  I Chinese and Foreign Books Reading Room, Periodicals Reading Room

  1 Users enter the reading room orderly by showing their cards.

  2 All the books, periodicals and newspapers in the reading rooms are not allowed to be taken out of the reading room.

  3 Users can take the books and periodicals off the shelves in the reading room, and place them back after reading.

  4 Users should keep quiet in reading rooms. Reservation of seats is not allowed.

  5 Users should keep neat in the reading rooms. Please do not throw litter or spit, and do not take food into the reading rooms.

  6 Users are expected to behave themselves and neatly dressed in the reading rooms.

  7 Users should take care of the books, periodicals and facilities, please do not defile or deform them.

  II Classic Books Reading Room

  1 Only faculty of BLCU can enter this reading room, and they are requested to show their cards.

  2 If a user wants to read any of the traditional thread binding books and rare books, he must get the approval of the librarian before he can take the books off the shelves.

  3 When reading the precious books of this reading room, please take it carefully.

  4 The books of this reading room are not allowed to copy, users can only transcribe them by hands.

  5 The books of this reading room are not allowed to borrow.

  6 Please do not fold or defile the books of this reading room.

  7 Please do not bring bags into this reading room.

  8 Users are expected to behave themselves and neatly dressed in the reading rooms.

  III The Audiovisual Center

  1 Enter the room by showing your ticket, and take the seat by number.

  2 Keep quite please. Those who make loud noises are asked to leave.

  3 Keep neat in the room. Please do not spit, smoke, eating (including gums) or drinking (except mineral water).

  4 Please obey the instruction of librarians, do not adjust the inching switch of the TVs, do not unplug the earphone. Users have compensate for the facilities damaged by them.

  5 If the facility does not work, ask the librarian to solve the problem. Please take care of the facilities and do not move them. Do not use other facility except the one appointed by the librarian.

  6 Users are expected to be neatly dress. Those who only ware shorts with bare back or bare feet are not allowed to enter the Audiovisual Center.

  7 Other uncivilized behaviors are punished according the relative regulations of BLCU.

IV the Internet Room

  1 Users are requested to show their valid certificates ( except identification card), and replace their certificates with seat cards.

   Fill the an application form for using the computer. After the librarian check the form, users can take their seats according the number of the seat cards. One seat card can be used only by one user. Please do not switch seats.

  3 Only after approved by the librarian , users can copy and print the materials. It is forbidden to use the user's CD, floppy disk or software. Anyone who violates the regulation will be punished seriously.

  4 The CDs of the Internet Room could not be borrowed because there is only one copy for each CD.

  5 If a user damage the facility because of misuse, he has to compensate it by paying twice of the price of the facility.

  6 Please do not fabricate and spread information violating the laws of China. Do not download and spread comments that harm the benefit of the country and individuals. No business dealing through Internet is allowed. Please do not violate the copyright law and do not spread controversial or improper information.

  7 It is forbidden to browse or download reports, movies and pictures which denigrate the country or is filthy.

  8 Keep quite in the room. Loud speaking is forbidden. Keep neat in the room. No food, drink, mp3, books and periodicals are allowed to be brought in.

  9 Anyone who violates the above regulations may be stopped or asked to leave the room. The service fee is still counted according the regulations. This regulation applies to all the Chinese and international students.

  10 Users pay the fee according to the application form when he finishes using the computer, and return the seat card.